Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why Think So Much?

Being disorganized and organized at the same time. Been there, done that.

I am never passionate about hand-writing, and to make it more simple, we'll just agree on saying that: I am lazy, and I dislike handwriting things. I can write, and with nearly effortless effort, I am pretty sure that my handwriting is neat enough to be read by most people. But after many fruitless trials of keeping a handwritten journal, I decided to start an online journal, which has (or seemingly has) a better prospect than a handwritten one.

But my life means nothing without my organizer (to those of you who know me: YES that one). Now, most of the writings in the organizer is handwritten. To illustrate you how that organizer looks like, imagine a blank sheet of paper, scribbled vertically, horizontally, diagonally w/ blue, black, and red ink and both thick, thin incorrigible handwriting. And most of them crossed out messily with different coloured pens. I managed to squeeze in my whole agenda for one month in a 15x20 cm sized paper, using only one side, and squeezing nearly everything, including "Saturday: Do the laundry, return books, buy some potatoes and scrub the bathroom" (just to illustrate the details in the organizer) This quickly becomes one kind of paradox in itself, a girl who's well organized owning such a hideously organized organizer.

By writing everything down in that organizer, it helps me remember the chores that needs to be done, as well as the shopping list and almost everything else. Thus, I don't have to remember things as much. On the other hand, sometimes writing too much isn't such of a great thing as well. Sometimes I would find that I had written some random writings or phone numbers which I could not recall where they were originated. I would confuse myself and rip the page shortly afterwards. Hey, why think so much? I keep the organizer to remind me of the things that I need to do, not the other way around.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Weekend in Jakarta (by night)

Living in Jakarta can be quite hell-ish (if there's such a word) for some. Endless hours getting stuck in traffic jams, endless hours of driving just to buy Nasi Campur (literally: mixed rice, considered a local delicacy) (if you consider yourself to be a native of Medan, I assume you are very familiar with the idea of driving 40 km just to treat yourself to a plate of Char Kway Teow, Nasi Campur or Mee Rebus), also, endless hours waiting for a client who's 2 hours late for a meeting (in my very personal opinion, at least 80% of the population adopts the habit of "jam karet" (literally: rubber hours; meaning: not on time)), not to mention bribing the police Rp. 10,000 "just" because you have accidentally crossed the traffic light when it's red. Or worst case scenario, waking up at 4:30 A.M. in order to arrive at precisely 6:59 A.M. in order to attend that 7:00 A.M. physiology lecture.

That excludes the annual seasonal "natural disasters" which comes in a package for those who live in areas which flood easily. During the monsoon season, for those who live within the radius of 20 km from the sea are either busy moving out their stuff before they are flooded by muddy water, or getting grounded, since your neighbourhood is flooded by water, thigh-high, sometimes more.

You can call me an urban. I was not born in Jakarta, my hometown is 2 hours by air or a week's drive (by land) away, but since I've spent more than 1/2 of my life here in Jakarta, I do consider both my hometown and Jakarta as my home.

BUT apart from all the unpleasantness, loneliness, stressful-ness, and unfriendliness of living a life in Jakarta, there are certain qualities which I truly love from this city that never sleeps.

Tonight, I went out to celebrate a family member's birthday downtown. The view of Jakarta by night is quite breathtaking. Okay it is not so much about the buildings or beautiful, colorful lights of the entertainment district at night, but more to the briskness, busy-ness, and liveliness of the people who are celebrating the start of the weekend. I like to isolate myself during the journey home late at night, with some good music tuned in. Looking outside the car window, and, ah, the pure bliss of seeing people enjoying their life. The journey home becomes a time for me to contemplate on the week, and setting the plans for the upcoming week. Once a week, Jakarta at night becomes an oasis for people who demands an escape from all the hecticness of work.
Including me..

On Monday, back to all the intoxicating reality of living in Jakarta.

... and man, how I look forward to the weekend.

-548- (loving Jakarta by night)

Thursday, August 31, 2006


I am HOPELESSLY addicted to msn messenger. I wasn't this much addicted to it before I went to London. Okay probably I was as much addicted to it when I was in Jakarta already, but hey I didn't realize its importance until I went to London. Messenger, as most of you would've known, is this program that people use to send messages, pictures, hand scribblings, winks, icons, pictures, songs, (boy the list is just endless) and .. anything else that's send-able to each other.

When I first arrived in London, I had a bad culture shock, language shock, was jetlagged for a couple of days, and worst of all, I didn't have many friends. All right, I may not be the Ms. Popular in high school, but I have a lot of great friends whom I can turn to whenever I'm feeling down or extraordinarily happy. This was where messenger came to the rescue. Most of my high school friends, or my clique, as we wouldve called ourselves a couple of years ago are now well spread across the continents of the world. The only thing that links us now is this program called messenger.

Most of us love talking to our friends, or at least, I hope I am not the only one that likes to do that, thus if you're using msn messenger like me, you tend to spend precious minutes or even hours during the day to communicate with your friends when you should be focusing on your priorities. Some describe it as addictive, and you are free to join the "i'll-sue-msn-messenger-if-i-fail-my-exam" club, but I always believed that a bit of time management could keep me from "addict-ing" myself to msn mesenger. Close the program whenever you're revising, be it for exams, or just daily revision. It keeps you focused.

Always remember: msn messenger is like chocolate, yea it releases endorphins (uh oh, the geeky side of me is coming out), it makes you happy, it is addictive, but too much is never too good. Msn messenger might not release endorphins, but it is just as addictive.. or even more addictive!!! but too much is never to good.. dont you agree with that?


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

It was 5:00 P.M. and this lazy bum was gonna take a nap before deciding that it was way too late for her to do so. Went down to grab something to bite, but I was (surprisingly) very full. So I thought I could watch a dvd just to kill off the time, while I wait for dinner + everyone to come back.

I searched, no, as a matter of fact, I randomly grabbed one dvd from my "havent-watched" pirated-dvd stack. Pelem yang ke ambil itu "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio", sebenarnya ini pelem pas di mangdu itu pelem ke 21, alias dapet gratisan sih, karena beli 20 dapet 2 gratis, jadi cuma bener2 random pick.

The film itself told the story of Evelyn Ryan, who's a mother w/ 10 kids + an alcoholic husband. She was remarkably witty, and had this unusual knack for words. In the 1950s, big corporations would often stage a "make-a-jingle" contest to promote their products for the prize of thousands and thousands of dollars in cash. None of the contestants could match Evelyn's creativity in making jingles, which was often inspired by her family needs. I couldn't remember all the things that she won from the contestS, but I remembered that she won a bike, $5000, a washing machine, a sports car, a freezer, a refridgerator, a pony, a palm tree, a shopping spree at a local grocery store, a toaster, $3, a trip to NY city, and yes of course, a lifetime supply's worth of bird food!!!!! One of her winning entries was for a sandwich-jingle making contest: "My frisk the Frigidaire, clean the cupboard bare sandwich." (imagine feeding your family with 25 words or less!!!)

It was a heart-warming story which left me pleasantly happy afterwards. Except for one thing: the dvd was a pirated copy, so halfway through the movie you would see this ultra-bright "THIS IS CRACKED FROM THE ORIGINAL VERSION" yellow-coloured sentence hanging around EXACTLY in the middle of the screen! Which was.. incredibly irritating!!

Not feeling very well, so I'll quit now. :)


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the bread everyone is talking about

Meet bread.

Hampir semua orang suka roti, be it digoreng, dipanggang, dibakar, direbus (emang ada?!), pake coklat, pake selai, pake peanut butter, pake telur, or one of my personal favorites, pake mie goreng supermi (#294 in Sabrina's 1001 things to try before you go to heaven) Bread is everyone's latest pet in this house for the past few weeks. Seisi rumah itu kaya tiap 3 hari sekali bikin roti, yep bikin roti tawar. My dad kaya lagi in pursuit of the perfect roti tawar recipe begitu.. dia udah nyobain roti tawar dari yang pake telur, yang GA pake telur, yang gulanya 60 g, yang garemnya 15 g (apa kaga keasinan? garam 15 gram itu sekitar 1 sendok makan man!), ampe aduh gua ga tau. So, you basically put all the ingredients in a baskom, terus diaduk2 dibanting2, and afterwards you go and watch 2 episodes of House M.D. soon you'll find out that your dough has risen exponentially, and u move the adonan ke cetakan and just "whack it into the oven" (borrowing jamie oliver's term).

Speaking of the devil, a challenge for you: can you finish one slice of roti tawar in 30 seconds?

No one truly appreciates the real art of making roti tawar. You simply grab them off the racks of Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda, Matahari, Hero, you-name-it and pay them at the till. Let me tell you one thing: roti buatan rumah itu JAUHHHHH lebih enak dari beli di supermarket. I go for quantity, and not so much for quality .. roti buatan rumah itu BERAT! jadi makan 1 kaya makan 2.. (dalem ati: pantesan loe suka sab? bikin kenyang) but hey no it tastes better .. so i think kualitas roti buatan rumah itu jauh lebih baik he he he.

AH! Nothing beats roti yang baru dipanggang itu terus di spread w/ a generous amount of butter .. jam 12 malem, sambil ngomel2 "kenapa berat gua kaga tambah turun sih??" (note: this is all a part of my self-inflating mode selama liburan..) My dad prefers his w/ a thick spread of butter and some kind of a coconut jam commonly called "kaya" (for those of you who are wondering what on earth is "kaya", you may want to consult your malaysian, singaporean or other southeast asian friends, as wikipedia doesnt seem to help much)

And of course, roti panggang and a nice hot cuppa tea. And you are guaranteed to crave for more.

WARNING: excessive eating of butter and kaya sandwiches was blamed to cause the body to gain weight rapidly.